Sunday, January 24, 2010


Phiten Titanium Accessories are designed for relaxation of the body. Phiten Accessories can be categorized into the Rakuwa Series and the Pure Titanium Series. The Rakuwa Series uses Aquatitanium and/or Microtitian balls for the Series and the Pure Titanium Series use 100% Titanium that went through “Phild Process” and the latter Series is more powerful in helping our body recover to its maximum potential.

The Necklace range is effective in relieving stiff neck / shoulder ache, migraine/headache, backache due to fatigue, insomnia and for maintaining whole body balance and blood circulation.


Free Poslaju West Malaysia.
Dealing Method :
COD in Bangi / Kajang / Shah Alam area or nearby. Or
Bank-in to my MAYBANK acc & send via Poslaju.

Location :
Bangi / Kajang / Shah Alam.

Item can be viewed at the convenience of my time and place.

SMS/Call/Email : 
Yusri (016 - 2580 927)

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